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"I would encourage to implement the development projects in vocational training, promoting adult literacy rate, infrastructure projects, health care ect., at our rakhine state .Government has just two hands which can not cover everything ."Rakhine Student at Philippine

"We want to pursue free trade agreements outside the country . Stronger bilateral trade relations could help Uruguay expand education, improve health care, and generate jobs with adequate salaries.”Tabaré Vázquez ,Uruguay President , 2006 .

"Individually all the adults need to literate and catch international standard education. Improving education is developing our country , training our adults for Human Resource development like Singapore which is country doesn't have too many resources but have many talented adults ." Rakhine Lecture at Yangon University,who is representative for Myanmar at ASEAN youth meeting in 2008 at Thailand .

Monday, February 8, 2010

Invest in the working women

In Latin American countries,where there are many migrant workers, women are often left behind to take care of their families, taking on jobs such as hairdressers, artisans, caterers and childcare providers.

These working women are often part of the informal economy, selling what they make or do in informal markets. To help them become part of the formal economy, INSEAD has been taking part in the recently-created 10,000 Women programme.
The programme was initiated in March 2008 by Goldman Sachs, which is donating US$100 million (or $1,000 each to 10,000 women) over five years. The money will help improve the entrepreneurial skills of working women in 16 countries by giving them access to a world-class business and management education.

Students enrol in locally-designed certificate programmes ranging from five weeks to six months that include courses such as marketing, accounting, market research, writing a business plan, strategic planning, accessing capital, and e-commerce.

The programme is free for the selected women. In Brazil a total of 500 women will be chosen. To qualify, candidates must have been running their own businesses for at least two years and have finished secondary school.

Because only some 14 per cent of Brazilian entrepreneurs have college degrees and 30 per cent have not even finished grade school, the programme is not restricted to women with college degrees and knowledge of the English language.

Reference:Invest in the working women by Rob Goldsmith

Sunday, February 7, 2010

How to sleep early after duty finishing ?

You are not alone in this!

You must eat dinner before 7.30 pm , walk after dinner, Don't watch TV & browse the internet after 9.00 pm. Every day start sleeping ten min earlier.

Go out and make some good friends who have a clear goal, a higher purpose in life and, spend your time and energy in social service, a good sport or game. Make it a point to go to bed at a given time regularly and start/end the day with good thoughts/prayer, it helps.

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