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"I would encourage to implement the development projects in vocational training, promoting adult literacy rate, infrastructure projects, health care ect., at our rakhine state .Government has just two hands which can not cover everything ."Rakhine Student at Philippine

"We want to pursue free trade agreements outside the country . Stronger bilateral trade relations could help Uruguay expand education, improve health care, and generate jobs with adequate salaries.”Tabaré Vázquez ,Uruguay President , 2006 .

"Individually all the adults need to literate and catch international standard education. Improving education is developing our country , training our adults for Human Resource development like Singapore which is country doesn't have too many resources but have many talented adults ." Rakhine Lecture at Yangon University,who is representative for Myanmar at ASEAN youth meeting in 2008 at Thailand .

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Myanmar to Hold International Education Fair

Having good human resources and also international educational fairs are the good reconstructions and reinforcement for every developing countries .If we need business developments or co-operations or being rich , it is better invite to the people who is working at investments world wide .If we need more strong internationalized educations systems , we need to invite more people who is working at this entired education systems world wide.

So look at the world wide , not a scope at the nearby countries at one continents , surely look at the world wide and make more meetings by inviting them inside country.Get more government Cross Trainings or Teaching programs by inviting officials from the first leading or developed countries ,government by government .

And aslo ,not only being the International Education Fairs at capital cities, but also can do same ideas at the other states or provinces at the same time by showing interests to educations , profits or markets needs form that regions.

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