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"I would encourage to implement the development projects in vocational training, promoting adult literacy rate, infrastructure projects, health care ect., at our rakhine state .Government has just two hands which can not cover everything ."Rakhine Student at Philippine

"We want to pursue free trade agreements outside the country . Stronger bilateral trade relations could help Uruguay expand education, improve health care, and generate jobs with adequate salaries.”Tabaré Vázquez ,Uruguay President , 2006 .

"Individually all the adults need to literate and catch international standard education. Improving education is developing our country , training our adults for Human Resource development like Singapore which is country doesn't have too many resources but have many talented adults ." Rakhine Lecture at Yangon University,who is representative for Myanmar at ASEAN youth meeting in 2008 at Thailand .

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Volunteering is a good way to develop the talents.

Surely , it is true . If you are not sure what your talents is , try to volenteer at any where and also the parent need to know how their children 's talents are since your kid is young .

Since pre school ,help your child to explore the world- to see, hear, smell and handle things. Playtime with other children can give your child a chance to develop their social talents.Notice casually what they enjoy to do. If your youngster just loves to move whenever they hear music, they may have a musical bent, or perhaps it is dance. If they are fascinated by insects in the grass or the birds outside the window, you may be nurturing the next great scientific genius!

In grade K- 3rd ,the children may have noticed talents in others. By pointing out specific skills in people they may know their heroes .Children will begin to want to actively exercise their gifts at this age. This makes it a good time to start music lessons, learn a language, learn to play a sport.Helping our children explore the world in order to discover their talents and learn to use them is perhaps the greatest job we have as parents.

In grade 4 th - 6 th ,going to the library, attending sporting events, volunteering to help out in the community play your child wants to be in are not expensive, and will serve to support and expand your child’s talents.If your child does not seem to show interest in any specific thing, you may want to try some sort of community service like animal shelters, food pantries and community cleanup groups always need help. You might be surprised to see your child blossom when given the chance to truly help others.

If you feel that you may have a child who has special needs in order to reach their potential, check out the many websites offering resources for parents .Remember that every gift has value. We should never impose our own wishes on our children. They must develop according to their own talents .

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