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"I would encourage to implement the development projects in vocational training, promoting adult literacy rate, infrastructure projects, health care ect., at our rakhine state .Government has just two hands which can not cover everything ."Rakhine Student at Philippine

"We want to pursue free trade agreements outside the country . Stronger bilateral trade relations could help Uruguay expand education, improve health care, and generate jobs with adequate salaries.”Tabaré Vázquez ,Uruguay President , 2006 .

"Individually all the adults need to literate and catch international standard education. Improving education is developing our country , training our adults for Human Resource development like Singapore which is country doesn't have too many resources but have many talented adults ." Rakhine Lecture at Yangon University,who is representative for Myanmar at ASEAN youth meeting in 2008 at Thailand .

Monday, December 29, 2008

Sharpen your language skills

"We encourage people to listen to the radio to improve their English," says Khan. "Since most of us are either in taxis or driving to work most of the time, listening to the radio will improve your vocabulary," he says. Eton also offers CDs which you can listen to while driving.

The other trick is to read a lot, magazines, newspapers, "whatever you can get your hands on."

Some institutes offering English language courses in Dubai :

British Council temporarily located at Dubai English Speaking College at Academic City.
Adult courses: A 36-hour course costs Dh1,900 (Dh1,950 for an IELTS course).
Phone: 800 225522

International Technology Education Centre (ITEC, Knowledge Village
04 3671076

04 3602955/6

Emirates Institute of Technology Training
02 667 1118

Berlitz Language Centre, Jumeirah
04 344 0034

Source: Gulf news

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