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"I would encourage to implement the development projects in vocational training, promoting adult literacy rate, infrastructure projects, health care ect., at our rakhine state .Government has just two hands which can not cover everything ."Rakhine Student at Philippine

"We want to pursue free trade agreements outside the country . Stronger bilateral trade relations could help Uruguay expand education, improve health care, and generate jobs with adequate salaries.”Tabaré Vázquez ,Uruguay President , 2006 .

"Individually all the adults need to literate and catch international standard education. Improving education is developing our country , training our adults for Human Resource development like Singapore which is country doesn't have too many resources but have many talented adults ." Rakhine Lecture at Yangon University,who is representative for Myanmar at ASEAN youth meeting in 2008 at Thailand .

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

People get heigher as their country get growths

How to grow taller ?

The basic rule of the thumb formula for human height may be summarized as:
(Genetics + Hormones + Nutrition) - Stress

The growth and development of the body usually happens at the average age of 16 years for girls and 18 years for boys. Getting proper sleep is vital for the growth hormones to perform its function effectively. Human growth hormone (HGH) is a substance released by a pea like structure deep inside the brain just behind the eyes. This substance is mostly released during the first couple of hours of sleep and after exercise. Its function is to stimulate growth in human body up until the end of puberty. There is no medication that can make you enhance height after puberty. Proper and effective breathing brings sufficient oxygen into your body to stimulate growth. Only deep breathing is effective breathing.

There seems to be a correlation between economic growth and human height. Asian populations were once thought to be inherently shorter; though it now seems that the average height of China and other Asian countries have improved significantly. The human growth responds to better health care facilities and better nutritional diet.

According to the rule of the thumb the ideal weight of Men can be calculated as under: For the first 5 feet the weight should be 106 pounds. And for each additional inch add 6 pounds.The ideal weight of Women can be calculated as under:
For the first 5 feet the weight should be 100 pounds. And for each additional inch add 5 pounds.

What kind of a diet can help increase my height?

A nutritious diet that includes fruits and vegetables, dairy, cereals, meat, and plenty of water will aid the natural process for enhancing height.

Some exercises that may also be helpful for the human growth factor include:
1. Kicking
2. Jumping
3. Cycling
4. Swimming
5. Jumping Rope
6. Sprints

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